Food for Thought-How To Be a Horrible Christian and Be a Great Person



1. Horrible Christians do not believe there is a single list of approved vocabulary words and phrases which defines how all Christians should speak.
2. Horrible Christians realize the truth about the Kingdom of God will be offensive to many who believe they hold the monopoly on how others should live as “good” Christians.
3. Horrible Christians understand that “good” Christians ignore some of the most important people Jesus was trying to befriend.
4. Horrible Christians are open to ideas from other people who are also horrible at their faith or have no faith at all.
5. Horrible Christians discover God beyond what “good” Christians have defined as God’s natural habitat.
6. Horrible Christians are not big on memorizing facts if they’re not going to impact how you live.
7. Horrible Christians are more concerned about seeing the needs other people than being seen as “good” Christians.
8. Horrible Christians know the difference between living by the book and letting the book live through you.
9. There are many Horrible Christians both in and out of churches.
10. Horrible Christianity is a messy, organic, reality that looks nothing like the picture of Christianity in your mind.


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