Food for Thought-Ten Things to Think About When Preaching Parables


1. The parables are moral fables told by Jesus to illustrate a larger religious point.
2. Don’t read yourself into the story.
3. God isn’t always supposed to be seen as the “good” guy in the story.
4. Don’t try to see yourself as the “good” guy in the story.
5. The actions of all of the characters are exaggerated in order to make a point.
6. The stories are told are laced with hyperbole and irony that are difficult for modern audiences to fully appreciate.
7. Each parable fits into the wider teaching context of Jesus’ life and ministry and should be approached accordingly.
8. Instead of approaching the story from the perspective of one character, ask, “What is the entire story trying to teach?”
9. Look for the inherent humor underlying the story, Jesus is about having fun when he tells his stories.
10. Parables are about hope. If you can’t see the hope then you’re not looking.