Food for Thought-Ten Things You Need To Know About the Bible


Ten Things You Need to Know About the Bible

1. The Bible won’t answer most or all of your questions. In fact, it may lead to you asking even more questions.
2. The Bible isn’t like God’s equivalent of a Terms and Conditions agreement you check when downloading new software. If you violate one term of agreement on a page buried deep inside the document, everything is null and void. That’s not how it works. The Bible tells the story of God’s interactions with humanity through history; the ups and downs, the good and the bad. The Bible reorients how we see reality, with God at the center of history, not ourselves.
3. The Bible isn’t a manual on how to fight 21st century culture wars in early 21st America.
4. The Bible doesn’t guarantee you happiness, success, wealth, or prosperity.
5. The Bible can be interpreted in multiple ways. There never has been and there never will be just one way to interpret the Bible.
6. The Bible asks for debate, argument, and discussion. The Bible is full of people having debates with God and each other.
7. The Bible isn’t a history or science textbook. The Bible is interpreting the history that is occurring around it. It has never been an objective retelling of history.
8. The Bible is essentially a Jewish book that has to be understood in that context.
9. The Bible isn’t the center of Christianity, God is.
10. The Bible isn’t like the Koran, the recorded words of God. The Bible doesn’t give us permission to speak on behalf of God or put words in God’s mouth.