Food for Thought-Church Jargon That Simply Must Go


Church Jargon That Really Annoys Me

1. Saying “just” every two or three words when someone prays.  It makes the person praying sound like they’re afraid they are ‘just’ bugging God for a moment of God’s time.  We don’t have to make excuses for interrupting God’s day.
2. “I have a heart for”.  Try saying, “I like ______”.  Why gussy it up with a fancy churchy sounding cliché?
3. Using disciple as a verb.
4. “God has laid it on your heart.”  If you want to say something, say it.  Let the hearer determine the spiritual origin of the message.  Step back from the cliches.  People might come to believe that you’re using that expression to share a personal opinion that has nothing to do with what God has said or done to your “heart”.