Food for Thought-Three Ideas About Effectiveness


1. Effectiveness can’t always be measured in an Excel spreadsheet or by other quantitative means. The effect you have on the lives of others may never be fully known. You are planting seeds that may grow into maturity long after today or this quarter has ended. How effective your work, words, and knowledge have been may not be realized by an arbitrary date on the calendar.  While you may have to work within such a paradigm, this is not the true measure of effectiveness.

2. It’s important for us to measure our efforts by living up to the fullest potential of the gifts we have received. We’ve been gifted in certain areas. If we’re living up to our abilities in the areas where we most gifted we will be most effective in the day ahead.

3. Effectiveness is about creating a legacy, not a report. If you’re effective at what you do, your work continues beyond your physical presence.  Ideas, motivation, inspiration keep going long after we move on.