Food for Thought- 3 Tips for Living a Good Life


A few ideas that have helped me along…

1. With all sincerest apologies to Larry the Cable Guy, life isn’t about “gittin r done”. The most meaningful aspects of life are ongoing; such as the things we really invest in like relationships, family, and friends. Life is not a series of tasks or even goals to be accomplished. Life is a long term invest in reality. We have the opportunity to shape that reality each day.

2. Life isn’t about living within trends.  Trends are short-term investments in the moment.  Life is about going beyond the trends of the culture wherever you are. How can you be yourself, despite what everyone else is calling the standard for happiness, success, and acceptance? Your life doesn’t have to be defined by the others around you unless you want it to be.

3. Begin to discard the ephemeral and those things which are peripheral to and from your life. What is your emotional and mental clutter just waiting to be taken to the dump?  What is getting in the way of you living a good life and being your best self?