Food for Thought-Matthew 19:13-15 Poem for Children’s Sabbath

The previous post was a portion of this poem relating solely to grammar.  

One of my favorite things are words,
and grammar,
I like to see them move,
about the page,
and finish stories,
when they are through.
I love a good period,
a nice full stop,
coming at the end of a sentence,
it tops the thought right off,
but not far behind,
is the comma in my mind,
forcing my brain,
to halt,
to take seat,
to make a pause,
whilst I gather my thoughts,
and find some breath,
for the remaining words,
I have left.

People are coming to Jesus,
from miles around,
he’s the biggest news,
in any town,
everyone wants to see,
what will he say?
what will he be?
just like before,
how he healed,
and made a little bread even more.
Then the disciples in their delirium,
decide it’s time for,
one huge period,
on Jesus’ theology tour.

Jesus doesn’t want to play,
in the next sentence so they say,
not with the grimy children,
not ever, not especially today,
he’s got things to do,
and people to see,
Jesus’ not got time for you,
Jesus please, let’s send them away!
ribbons to cut,
have you forgotten about,
that donkey we’ve bought,
the one with the smelly butt?

Jesus said,
no, I’m aware of the donkey,
and it’s not that I don’t care,
because I’ll be on the one,
riding its back, smelling the air.
don’t you get it, children are cool,
I came to Earth to send everyone,
back to school,
they already know what’s going down,
how it’s going to be when Dad and I,
roll into town,
they get the keys, the pass,
that no one else seems to know,
in the Kingdom of Heaven, they’ll be in 1st class,
where the disciples want to stop,
there is always more to say,
Jesus arms are not a closed shop,
he always has one more word,
for whoever is coming next,
whether it’s your or I,
or your long lost cousin Tex.

–Richard Bryant