Food for Thought-What Would Matter Most If This Were The Last Day of Your Life?

What Would Matter Most if This Was the Last Day of Your Life?

It’s not as morbid a question as it sounds. I promise.

1) Spending time with family. If today were it; regardless of what you believe about the existence of eternity, wouldn’t you want to spend that time with the people you love most, your family and friends? Whether that’s your biological family or the people who simply “are” your family, time with those who care for you most would be at the top of the list.

2) Would knocking things of a makeshift bucket list dominate your day, especially if today were the last day? Would you run about frantically trying to accomplish a to-do list in your last hours alive? Is that more important than being with someone or the people you love?  What are your priorities of the last day?  When it is over, will your achievements outweigh the emptiness of having missed being with family and friends?

3) Listen to good news and good stories from each other. Think of all the phone conversations you had yesterday. How many were either bad or neutral?  Maybe you were simply on the phone listening to someone else’s negativity or gossip or sharing the same with another person? How many of your calls took that direction, 50%, 70%? Perhaps less, I hope so. If today were the last day of your life, would you spend any of it on the phone? Maybe to a loved one in a distant city or a friend you haven’t seen. I know it wouldn’t be to complain about a completely unimportant peripheral event in your life or to gossip. On the last day of your life, wouldn’t you laugh and tell good stories to each other and have fun? You would talk to each other, person to person.

4) You’d probably stay off the computer for the most part. You wouldn’t want to miss sunrise or sunset or a decent conversation with a real person. On your last day, you will want to make the effort to genuinely connect with the world around you. No person is too important or unimportant to acknowledge, speak to, or treat with respect.  Especially on the last day of your life.

5) Respect the rituals of your life. If yesterday was an ordinary day that you spent with your family and friends doing what you normally do then respect those rituals. Be with the people who are with you now.

6) Minimize the distractions that surround you.

7) Think about the words and actions you leave today as your ultimate legacy.

Now if these are the things which would matter most on the last day of your life, what’s to stop us from making them matter today?  What’s stopping you from doing each of these seven steps right now?


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