Food for Thought-Matthew 21:33-46 I Despise This Parable

I despise this parable. I really do.  And there are better ways Jesus could have discussed being rejected, much better.

You would think that after the first set of slaves were killed; red flags would have gone up all over the place. The authorities would have been called. Arrest warrants would have been issued. What kind of fool would send more people, once again into the breach, after others have been killed, to simply die over the acquisition of produce in the form of rent? Is one life worth a single fig, olive, or grape? When the bloodshed has now spread to a Jonestown, Waco, name your mass murder like level, instead of calling of this insanity, instead of calling in the army, the riot police, or some overwhelming mass force to exact vengeance on those who murdered his slaves and now hold his fruit hostage, this crazed land owner decided to send his son to be murdered. We actually see the irrational thought processes at work in this madman’s head. Surely, these people who have already decapitated and massacred dozens of people will respect the life of my son. Don’t they know who I am? The people who have no respect for the life of slaves will surely respect the life of my son. Then, the bloodshed will end. The figs and grapes will be freed and the bloodshed will end. The madness of slaves being murdered by tenants will surely stop because these people who have committed such acts would never do the same thing to my son because they clearly understand he is my son.

I’ll tell you what we clearly understand. The landowner is as insane as the wicked tenants doing the killing. The old fool doesn’t grasp this reality: for some people, the people he initially hired, life his no value. He was a poor judge of character and the blood of his slaves and his son will ultimately be on his hands. Secondly, the landowner is a coward. Why is he the last to go? If he’s so big and bad, if he want his money, why doesn’t he go first?  Or is he too much of the fat cat landowner?  He’s got slaves and help for that.  Mister landowner man doesn’t do things like the help are supposed to do, does he?  Why didn’t the landowner go as soon as the first slave was murdered? Why is it that the landowner is only the punishment of last resort? He will “put those wretches to a miserable death”. Had he really be concerned about his rent, his fruit, his employees, and his family, he would have never left and gone to “another” country in the first place. Had he really cared, he would have taken action when the first slave was murdered. Had he really cared, he would have never sent his son to do the job he should have gladly done in the first place.

I despise this parable.