Food for Thought-Groucho Marxism


We are here today,
With the Homecoming Queen,
And Football King,
And just so you know,
Our sponsor is the 1952
Dodge DeSoto,
So my dear,
Where are you from?
“LaCrosse, Wisconsin”,
And what do you study?
“19th century English poetry”,
My favorite poem,
is the one that starts,
30 days hath September,
Because it actually tells you something,
While she laughs uncomfortably,
Groucho says, “But seriously,
Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”
To which she says, “I don’t think so.”
Well I have had a perfectly wonderful evening
And this isn’t turning out to be it.
Perhaps it’s time for us to go,
I’m not sure I’ve understood though,
I think a child of five,
Would have no problem getting this,
Are there any five year olds,
Quite nearby,
Who can dismiss,
My confusion today,
Because I really thought,
I had something important to say.

–Richard Bryant