Food for Thought-An Email

Dear Most Beloved Friend,

My name is Prince Richard the Lowell of Bryant. I am the eldest son of Prince Roger the Bryant, former manager of the city-state metropolis Sultanate of Thomasville. I save your time by not extending the most glorious family of my history. Surely, that I am, my reputation precedes me writing to you of these wishings of good tidings.

You must, by now, know of the controversial dispute between the owner of the Great Sultanate Storage Company and my former half cousin, Sheik Larry von Trotter of the Hogwarts kingdom.
When my father and my former half cousin were deposed from the kingdom Hogwards by the evil civil war dictator of my former neighboring country, General Squidward, a great number of my books were captured by this evil dwarf.

I was able to free 10,000 of the best reading volumes. Now, I write to you from the hiding of a library basement in south Lagos with the fiwi on my Palm trio palmhand computation device.
Before my incastration, I was able to send out 2,000 books to book owners of stores in Denmark, Liechtenstein, and Bulgaria.

I seek you very good assistance in sending the books of remaining for a profitable bookstoring investment in your country. If you provide me a place to ship books to, I will be letting you keep a percentage of the best volumes of yourself.

For me to send my precious baby books to you, I need you investment. Would you wire the money for shipping these books to my bank in South Carolina?
To pick up the momeny when you send it, I need the number of Social Secuiry. It is UPS rule in Nigeria.

Thanks bundle,
Prince Richard Feisal von Lowell of Bryantness