Food for Thought-I Think I’m Checking Out of Facebook

I Think I’m Checking Out of Facebook

The news is so lame,
it’s always the same,
too many people,
telling a stupid story,
in an asinine way,
so in love with each other’s laughter,
forgetting that we have lives to lead,
they bid us adieu,
so what do we do,
we pull up to Zuckerberg’s monster,
and say, “how are you?”
Facebook is becoming so boring,
repost this, “like” a tragedy,
get angry about that,
laugh at me,
as I buy a new doormat,
we live vicariously,
through the lens of another’s world,
why be compassionate,
when you can watch others help others,
while you sit there bored,
and cry at the right moment,
because you’ve been told,
“This will break your heart,
This is the most moving thing you’ll see”
or those who want to guilt you into liking and reposting,
because it seems,
if you don’t click their buttons,
you’re not on their team,
doesn’t the world have guilt enough?
does this really make you feel tough?
why be so hateful and mean,
when you can hide so easily,
behind the anonymous screen,
by clicking I like,
which means you can agree,
with practically anything,
without really saying a thing,
I’m thinking I’m going to checkout
and go back to the real world,
I prefer what it is all about.

–Richard Bryant