Food for Thought-Yes, I’m the Crazy One-More Stuff that Happens to Me

I was in the check-out line at the shop with my customary Ginger-Ale and a Whatchamacallit. Please notice the capital letter. I really was buying the candy bar, it’s not that I can’t think of the name.  Anyway, the people in front of me were purchasing an assortment of goods, among them “pickled garlic cloves”.  Our local shop sells a smattering of pickled items and among the pickles and artichokes are garlic cloves.  I had never seen these on the shelf and they caught my eye.  I’ll be up front:  I like garlic in moderation.  I said to the people (I like to chat to strangers, part of it is my job, part of it is my nature), those look great, I’d bet they’d be wonderful on a pizza or in a salad but I bet the heartburn would be horrible.  “Oh,” the woman said.  “We were going to put them in a Bloody Mary.”  She said they had never considered any other usage for the garlic at all.  This is what got me; it was the total incredulity in the woman’s voice.  She seemed honestly shocked and appalled that garlic might go on a pizza and not in a Bloody Mary.

Crazy man with Ginger Ale and a candy bar suggests alternative uses for garlic on Labor Day weekend.  Dear God, what will people do next, put chili on hot dogs?