Food for Thought-5 Ideas about Influence

5 Ideas about Influence

1. Who are you influencing? Friends, family, colleagues, perhaps people you don’t know. Take a moment to take stock of your impact on the world around you. Are making a bomb crater or are you building a structure where others can find a place to meet and call home? What does your life look like?
2. What are your influences? Look to the good people who have helped make you who you are today. Put their successes into practice.
3. How can you be a better influence on the world around you? Are you able to smile more, laugh more, ask more questions, listen better, read more, pray more, or interact with others more? The important thing about this is-you have the power to decide. Start today.
4. What are the most influential words you may use today? Are they positive words like please and thank you? Be positive.
5. Being influential isn’t about having status. It’s about having the ability to share love, wisdom, and knowledge by living a life of example. What is your example? What is your path?