Food for Thought-Richard’s 5 Evangelism Ideas

Richard’s 5 Evangelism Ideas

1. Emphasize we’re asking for one hour (or less) per week. That’s all. Put a basic church commitment into perspective for people. They give much more time to much less important stuff.
2. Lower expectations. It’s not going to be Mass at St. Peter’s or a mid-western mega-church. It’s going to be 100 or so if your neighbors singing, praying, talking, and listening. It will be like an interactive meeting where people aren’t afraid to laugh or cry. If people are afraid to laugh or cry, then I’m sorry, you might be doing something wrong.
3. If they haven’t been in a while, make sure they know church is nothing like it was when they were last there in 1979. If after attending, people do think it’s like it was in 1979, you might need to head back to the drawing board.
4. Try to make everything you do user friendly. You can do this without changing a bunch of names or eradicating concepts altogether. Use your head. Just give good explanations. Have decent signs. Answer questions clearly and concisely without going on for hours.
5. Invite people to church for the most regular and hum drum services. You want people to see you at your ordinary best.