Food for Thought-I Need A Fan

I Need A Fan

Dammit man,
I need a fan!
there’s something,
about this stagnant sand,
if I controlled the world,
I would make the wind whirl,
directly on me,
except when I pee,
because that would be gross,
people wouldn’t host,
a preacher who smelled of urine,
though he knew all about Martin van Buren,
the 8th and greatest president of all,
Old Kinderhook is OK,
just like this humid day,
a day needing more of breeze,
so the insects may not bite my knees,
they might text instead to their friends downstream,
Tap, tap, tic, tic, buzz, buzz, wee, wee,
which is dragonfly for,
you vant velive vhat ve see down vy viver side,
the dragonfly sounds like Count Chocula I know,
but where else could a bug with such a large head go,
perhaps Sesame Street really is off Light House Road.
and Mr. Michael Bangouro of Nigeria will give me a call,
about the money I let him hold,
in that bank in Senegal.

–Richard Bryant