Food for Thought-Thomas



By Richard Bryant

They scream at me,

“You missed him!”

I didn’t get to see.

I left on a whim

while they saw history.

When I return they tell such lies.

He was here, he is risen, he is alive.

I will not believe till I’ve seen with my eyes.

I will not agree till I’ve touched his side.

Do you hear my anger?

Can you feel what I say?

All you’ve seen is an unknown stranger.

Our world does not work this way.

Then a voice I’d know from anywhere speaks,

“Thomas these things you say aren’t true.

Hear my bones creak,

see where I’m bruised.

Shout from the rooftops,

speak the words,

‘The tombs of night

hold truth no more.

Freedom has come for

those who have born




and doubt’.”