Food for Thought-A Prayer for Easter Sunday


A Prayer for Easter Sunday

By Richard Bryant

Today is the day when it all comes together.

When the fullness of your divine idea is now understood.

In absence, we see.

In silence, we hear.

In the darkness of early morning, all is perfectly clear.

You were right.

We were, as always, ourselves.

But that’s why this day matters.

The tomb is empty because of our mundane mediocrity and our ordinary madness.

For the trivialities which slow us down and the totalities that stop us completely;

this is why the tomb is empty.

We may now see.  We may claim to understand what you have done.

But we do not.  How can we imagine the impact of an action such as yours?

Yet we are not here this morning to imagine.

We come to acknowledge the reality of resurrection in our lives and simply say “thank you”. 

Hear our prayer.



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