What do I have to be grateful for?  Is that your question?  Where do I start?  Here are five easy prompts to get you going each day when considering the things you are grateful for in your life.  A word or two about any or all of these five is a great place to begin.  Put them in a journal or some kind of place you can come back to.  Remind yourself of your blessings.  It sounds too easy to remind ourselves of something so obvious.  But it is the obvious things we most easily overlook and ignore.  That’s why it is good to remind ourselves of the basic and most important parts of our life-the parts that shouldn’t change.

1.  Your life, your health, your well-being.

2.  Your most meaningful relationships.  (like your family or friends)

3.  The fact you have food to eat  and clean water to drink.

4.  You are not homeless.

5. You have people who love you.