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Food for Thought-What I Learned by Reading the Side of Facebook Today — June 29, 2014
Food for Thought-A Night Prayer Inspired by the Those in The Trenches of World War One — March 30, 2014

Food for Thought-A Night Prayer Inspired by the Those in The Trenches of World War One


Night Prayer from the Somme

As I descend into the trenches and darkness falls,

the fear of tomorrow rumbles above.

To my right I hear the songs of my past.

To my left prayers are being said.

As I prepare to sleep, may my life be truly yours.

May the steps I take into the unknown light beyond the trench be led by you.

May the words I say be words of life and hope.

And amid the chaos I encounter,

may I clearly see all the joy you have waiting for me to see.



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