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Food for Thought-Devoid of IKEA — November 13, 2015
Food for Thought-If The Boat Doesn’t Sink, I Will Not Die — November 7, 2015

Food for Thought-If The Boat Doesn’t Sink, I Will Not Die


If the boat doesn’t sink,
I will not die,
But I will not go home,
If my passport isn’t taken by the smuggler,
I will not become an unknown,
But I will not go home,
If I am not beaten by border guards,
I will not crawl to the next town,
But I will not go home,
If I am not robbed,
My children might eat,
But they will not go home,
If I am asked, does God care?
I will not answer,
Because I do not know,
In which God,
You will require me
to believe,
so that we may see,
a new place,
called home.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-The Bricks — October 30, 2015
Food for Thought-This Would Make More Sense in Japanese (A Haiku) — October 26, 2015
Food for Thought-I Am Feeling Less Human Each Day — October 8, 2015
Food for Thought-Excommunicated Fragments — September 18, 2015

Food for Thought-Excommunicated Fragments


Now bequeathed to us,
The divine figment,
Standing against otherness,
Thirsting for self-evident,
Obvious memes,
Waiting to respond,
To the radical claims,
Of blank stares,
And nods untold,
While we wait,
Begging to find,
Excommunicated fragments,
Of the resurrected idea,
Asking the wise men,
“Is my life not a sign?”
Among the broken flaps,
Of a pitched tent,
A homemade,
Indwelling logos,
In the neighborhood,
Where drunken beatings,
Of an innocent child
Did occur,
In a place called here,
When the watch says now,
On a Good Friday,
Last Tuesday afternoon.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Что делать? — September 16, 2015

Food for Thought-Что делать?


What Is to Be Done?

Who are You?
I am me,
Every evening,
I ask,
Where are you?
I love you,
My one,
Dying star.

–Richard Bryant

Что делать?

Кто ты?
Я – это я,
Каждый вечер,
Я спрашиваю,
Где ты?
Потому что,
Я люблю тебя,
Mой oдин,
Умирающая звезда .

Ричард Брайант

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Food for Thought-Lost With Pushkin on Page 114 — September 15, 2015
Food for Thought-The Nightly Imposition of Death — September 2, 2015

Food for Thought-The Nightly Imposition of Death


I am not waiting to say goodbye,
I will not bid farewell to the sunlight,
No longer will I pay my respect,
To the nightly imposition of death,
The vibrant colors of mortality,
Have been released from my awe,
Light beyond the day,
Defy the coming night,
And mourn no more,
For the blind echoes of dawn,
Grasp the craggy horizon.

–Richard Bryant

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