Food for Thought- Sweet Tea (Part 2) A Poem


Stonehenge was overrated,
The Eiffel tower was too small,
The Hindu Kush was kind of cushy,
The menu at Wendy’s has become too complicated,
Captain has lost his Crunch,
I was beyond half past dead when I got to Nazareth,
My burden is great,
My yokes were served over easy,
The bacon came late,
Yet the sweet tea,
Stood up and called to me,
Sit and drink,
Await and be,
Find meaning in the leaves,
Brewed at the gas station counter,
And offered for your relief.

-Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-You Had To Be There (A Poem)


You had to be there,
That moment,
That instant,
It was something else,
The ball came flying,
Past the outfield,
I was blinded,
Unable to see,
You had to be there,
You should have seen this day,
Hits that went forever,
Pitchers looking straight at me,
You had to be there,
The face was different,
His voice was the same,
He bought the Hot Dogs,
Knew everything about the game,
I guess you had to be there,
what was his name?

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Hash-tag


Hash-tag Jesus

Hash-tag 1st Century Palestinian Carpenter’s Lives Matter

Hash-tag Whoever You Kill In the Name of the State Is Also a Child of God

Hasth-tag Sinner undeserving of God’s grace is executed on Easter weekend

Hash-tag Follower of Jesus Lies Dead In Charleston Days on Holy Saturday

Hash-tag When you’ve done it to the least of these you’ve done it to me

Hash-tag Then we’ve killed Jesus with eight bullets.

Hash-tag We Keep Killing People Who Don’t Deserve to Die

Hash-tag This is why people question the resurrection

Hash-tag Death is so common and power is so real

Hash-tag Handcuff a dead man

Hash-tag Wait and watch as he dies

Hash-tag Golgotha by the Advance Auto Parts

Hash-tag  Put Walter Scott in Jesus’ empty tomb

Hash-tag Resurrection?


-Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Love at Last Sight

Love at last sight,
The bitter clamour grows,
In your absence,
The world slows,
Not sure how to take it,
Ambiguous tales passed to me,
Now to say in an inopportune way,
Towards you I can only see,
It will take only a glance,
To let me know,
I have a chance.
At stepping inside,
Your well-formed world.

–Richard Bryant