Food for Thought-Camus on Ocrcaoke

Albert Camus

Camus on Ocracoke

Camus is walking beside me,
but he says nothing,
he only looks toward the sea,
Albert mumbles these words,
“Qui se soucie aujourd’hui?”
“Today?” I say.
“Je pense”,
We stumble,
for meaning on the verge of Fall,
winter must come,
for people to crawl,
beneath the myths,
they think they sing,
to find the words,
in which they believe,
Summer isn’t a season,
that ever leaves,
it is an invincible place,
inside of the collective “we”,
a place to dwell,
ce n’est pas l’enfer
when the shops are bare,
our future sits not,
upon such silly cares.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-A Shakespearean Sonnet on the Cruel Month of September


A Shakespearean Sonnet on the Cruel Month of September

The late summer rains carry leaden air,
Vapors stalk me and they for whom I care,
Misty humors from the west make dark clouds,
Perchance, I only dream while nature sounds,
Anon, cruel fate awakes my sleeping heart,
Unable, I am to know where to start,
Opaque mysteries roam freely by my bed,
While beads of desperation drench my head,
Cruel month of September, won’t you leave?
Your nights bring me such pain on each new eve,
Alas, poor time close the September door!
With your humid vapors gone ever more,
Leave now, my soul, in shreds of autumn peace,
Before I embrace a cold winter’s sleep.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Groucho Marxism


We are here today,
With the Homecoming Queen,
And Football King,
And just so you know,
Our sponsor is the 1952
Dodge DeSoto,
So my dear,
Where are you from?
“LaCrosse, Wisconsin”,
And what do you study?
“19th century English poetry”,
My favorite poem,
is the one that starts,
30 days hath September,
Because it actually tells you something,
While she laughs uncomfortably,
Groucho says, “But seriously,
Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”
To which she says, “I don’t think so.”
Well I have had a perfectly wonderful evening
And this isn’t turning out to be it.
Perhaps it’s time for us to go,
I’m not sure I’ve understood though,
I think a child of five,
Would have no problem getting this,
Are there any five year olds,
Quite nearby,
Who can dismiss,
My confusion today,
Because I really thought,
I had something important to say.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-You Give People with Beards a Bad Name (A Poem of Peace)


You give people with beards a bad name,
People think with all this hair,
We must be the same,
You’ve tried to ruin the look,
For Methodists and Moderates,
We’re all people of the book,
One God,
Where did you read the part,
“Thou shalt kill”?
What if Mohammed meant,
“Careful not to spill,
Your enemies blood”,
For they are your sisters and brothers,
Made from the same mud,
People from the Earth,
We are deemed to inhabit,
You make a beautiful religion,
Seem like a dud,
Cut off the anger’s head,
Let the negativity,
Roll out of town,
Turn those frowns,
Into smiles,
And we will all calm down,
As remember this weekend,
By not uttering a sound,
About each other,
In your pulpits
Or mine,
And all of us,
Will be just fine.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-I Think I’m Checking Out of Facebook

I Think I’m Checking Out of Facebook

The news is so lame,
it’s always the same,
too many people,
telling a stupid story,
in an asinine way,
so in love with each other’s laughter,
forgetting that we have lives to lead,
they bid us adieu,
so what do we do,
we pull up to Zuckerberg’s monster,
and say, “how are you?”
Facebook is becoming so boring,
repost this, “like” a tragedy,
get angry about that,
laugh at me,
as I buy a new doormat,
we live vicariously,
through the lens of another’s world,
why be compassionate,
when you can watch others help others,
while you sit there bored,
and cry at the right moment,
because you’ve been told,
“This will break your heart,
This is the most moving thing you’ll see”
or those who want to guilt you into liking and reposting,
because it seems,
if you don’t click their buttons,
you’re not on their team,
doesn’t the world have guilt enough?
does this really make you feel tough?
why be so hateful and mean,
when you can hide so easily,
behind the anonymous screen,
by clicking I like,
which means you can agree,
with practically anything,
without really saying a thing,
I’m thinking I’m going to checkout
and go back to the real world,
I prefer what it is all about.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-I’m Not a (Fill in the Blank) But…


If you start a sentence,
“with you know I’m not a racist, but”,
you’ve already said something to me,
your next words will be diet racist smut,
Splenda flavored bigotry,
carried on empty phrases like a crutch.
I’m sure, “all these people need to do is see..”
will be the next to emerge from the rut,
of gussied up hate you love so much.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Sunday Evening Shakespeare Fun

As You Like It,
I take,
Measure for Measure,
Of sweet sugar in my tea,
While I eat my supper with,
Julius Caesar
Romeo and his friend
For dessert,
We sip fine Italian wine,
With Two Gentleman from Verona,
Who upon them,
No Love’s Labour’s Are Lost,
And for this we are grateful,
Says I,
Richard the First,
Methodist Parson on Howard Street.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Upon the Reading of Dylan Thomas Whilst Traveling from Ocracoke to Hatteras

Upon the Reading of Dylan Thomas Whilst Traveling from Ocracoke to Hatteras

Chalky days of grass covered sand,
Blown along this uneven strip of land,
Your abruptness takes my left hand,
As if to say,”would you, could you, perchance to see,”
A means to stand upon this ill-defined promontory with me,
While under the fig tree
On Howard street
The webs of mortal profundity
Are woven ever so cleanly,
Amid the dust, holes, and obsidian smelling rocks,
Where the small people hide,
Away from prying eyes,
Surrounded by living oak trees,
But never free,
Just below the meniscus,
Where they curse us for our cleanliness,
And because we are we.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-I’m Mean

I’m Mean

You know what?
I’m mean,
I decided today,
no more nice,
you could pour all the ice,
on my head,
I’d still be mean,
meaner than,
an illiterate snake
at a book festival,
in Northern Alaska,
stocked with plentiful
books on reading escapades,
that’s mean,
so mean,
I may start
freebasing caffeine,
so I can be meaner,
when the buzz fades,
I can then be mean,
in the late afternoon shade.

–Richard Bryant