Food for Thought-Save Ferris

Save Ferris

I am still trying to save Ferris,
and hiding from Mr. Rooney,
while standing up to my dad,
over that stupid car,
as I am learning voo-doo economics,
in this elevated threat level,
Danke Schoen, my friend,
for I am far too young and clever,
to stop ever stop caring,
about a day
when we were young and daring.

-Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Layaway is Back

Layaway is back,
Wal-Mart waits,
While the money gestates,
As people buy in,
To more consumerist sin,
Bigger and better,
Wider screens are what matter,
To watch those guilty of domestic abuse,
Make obscene money while on the loose,
We pretend we like to care,
While wearing jerseys in our lounge chairs.
But really we don’t give a flip,
As long as our lives aren’t challenged a bit.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-This Sunday Rain (A Poem)

This Sunday Rain

Preface:  I understand the need for rain; biologically, environmentally, and ecologically speaking.  However, at the moment, I’m sick of rain.  RB

This Sunday rain,
is more like a flood,
I expect to see pairs of creatures,
walking through the mud,
headed for some Ark like feature,
but will the angry ones draw blood,
when they find the Methodist preacher,
with his tied theological tongue,
urging his flock to get out of life’s bleachers,
and back into the non-existent sun.

-Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Camus on Ocrcaoke

Albert Camus

Camus on Ocracoke

Camus is walking beside me,
but he says nothing,
he only looks toward the sea,
Albert mumbles these words,
“Qui se soucie aujourd’hui?”
“Today?” I say.
“Je pense”,
We stumble,
for meaning on the verge of Fall,
winter must come,
for people to crawl,
beneath the myths,
they think they sing,
to find the words,
in which they believe,
Summer isn’t a season,
that ever leaves,
it is an invincible place,
inside of the collective “we”,
a place to dwell,
ce n’est pas l’enfer
when the shops are bare,
our future sits not,
upon such silly cares.

–Richard Bryant