Food for Thought-You Give People with Beards a Bad Name (A Poem of Peace)


You give people with beards a bad name,
People think with all this hair,
We must be the same,
You’ve tried to ruin the look,
For Methodists and Moderates,
We’re all people of the book,
One God,
Where did you read the part,
“Thou shalt kill”?
What if Mohammed meant,
“Careful not to spill,
Your enemies blood”,
For they are your sisters and brothers,
Made from the same mud,
People from the Earth,
We are deemed to inhabit,
You make a beautiful religion,
Seem like a dud,
Cut off the anger’s head,
Let the negativity,
Roll out of town,
Turn those frowns,
Into smiles,
And we will all calm down,
As remember this weekend,
By not uttering a sound,
About each other,
In your pulpits
Or mine,
And all of us,
Will be just fine.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Understanding the Newspaper (A Poem)


Understanding the Newspaper

I am in need uptmost

to understand my way.

I’m forever lost

on most days.

I thought I spoke

the same tongue

as those who joked

around me sung.

I had no doubt

what things meant

in matters about

when I went

to the store

or read the paper.

Not any more.

For I’m confused.

About the language

I thought I knew.

Everyone’s shocked,

we’re appalled,

monster’s walk,

among us all.

Any wrong

can be a horror.

Any song

may win

Eurovision tomorrow.

Help me please.

Might one discern

the grammar and learn


–Richard Bryant