I typically write two separate sections in my handwritten journal:  daily gratitude and daily goal setting.

Daily Gratitude:

My journal is really about answering this question:  What are the ongoing things that I am most grateful for every day, the things that I should be grateful for no matter what happens, and the things that are so easy to overlook? It’s easy to take for granted clean water, food, and a house, especially when they are there day in and day out. If they were to go away, I would certainly miss them. That’s why they need to be noted every single day. The easiest things to overlook are the easiest things to convince yourself that you appreciate them when you really don’t.  Often , we appreciate things because we think they will always be there.  Appreciation is a long way from being truly grateful for what we have.  You might think of this as the macro.

Once I’ve done the daily gratitude, I go a bit deeper into the gratitude points, similar to those I share on the website.

Gratitude Points:
What am I grateful for on this particular day, what is unique to this day, to this hour, and to this moment.  You might think of this as the micro.

I then go into a time of goal setting.

Daily Goal Setting:

Some goals are there every day:
I need to do certain things day and day out: eat healthy, drink more water, pray, play the piano, pay things forward, show affection to my wife and children.

Other goals vary by the day and the tasks at hand and the demands of the given day.