Food for Thought-Today’s Morning Prayer

Holy Spirit, come and do a great work among your people this day. As you have brought us into the cool air and warm sunshine, we know your presence is real and working in our lives. Where there is chaos may you bring order. Where there is sadness may you send messengers of joy. Where there is emptiness may your presence bring abundant mercy. Where there is hope, may we step forward, step up, and be counted among those who believe, share, and witness to the Kingdom of God. Let us continue to proclaim blessings upon the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, the hungry, the merciful, the peacemakers, and those who seek after you despite being told, “it will never work.” Forgive us when we are tempted to despair. Forgive us when we are lured into settling for anything other than the message you preached. Hear our prayers, this day and forevermore.


Food for Thought-Richard’s Daily Prayer for October 2nd, 2014

Richard’s Daily Prayer
October 2nd, 2014

What a day! Center our hearts and minds as we go into this evening after the business and chaos of this day. Bring our focus around to you. May we take a moment of silence to listen to your words of direction and guidance for our lives this evening. We thank you for being there, one step ahead of us, during each minute of this day. As we reflect on the day that has passed, may we focus on the positive, the good, and the places where you worked in our lives today. Prepare us tonight for service and ministry tomorrow. We love you God. Thank you for loving us.


Food for Thought-Prayer Hacks

Prayer Hacks:

Jump-starting Your Prayer Life:

1. Try five minutes of prayer. Focus your thoughts on:

a. What you’re grateful for
b. Why you’re grateful for these thing

Write those two questions down on a note card. When you find your focus drifting on your mind starting to wander, take a glance at the card and read the questions again. Do this over and over if you need to. Remember five minutes is all this takes.

2. For a slightly longer exercise, try 10 minutes of silent prayer. Put yourself in a physical spot, a place where you can stop and listen to the world around you. As you’re listening to the wind rustle leaves, birds, even cars driving down the street, what is God saying to you within and among these sounds? What thoughts come to mind while you are listening?

Food for Thought-Richard’s Daily Prayer-September 17th, 2014


The morning prayers I write each day are posted on my church community’s Facebook page.

Please feel free to like us and follow along.  Audio versions of my preached sermon can be found there as well.

I thought I would share today’s prayer here as well:

Gracious God

You call us to pray in the darkened closets and distant corners of our lives. Far from the eyes of the maddening crowd, we speak with you about those emotions, events, people, and ideas which dominate our days. Yet, before the words form in our minds and the ideas become words, you are meeting our most pressing needs. Needs we know, needs we have yet to become aware of, and comforting those who weigh on our souls. As we remember those in our life today in need of your presence, we give thanks to you for remembering us. We praise you for not forgetting that place, that seat, that spot in your kingdom where we are made welcome.

As we move from the hidden sanctity of prayer, be with us as we step onto the street corners of reality. May our prayers be more than words. May they become Spirit bathed actions made real by the love they embody and represent.


Food for Thought-Richard’s Morning Prayer for September 3rd


Loving God,

You captivate us each morning with new ideas and images of the world around us. You bring us inside your kingdom; so we may see and understand more of your will for our lives. Help us today to grasp hold of every breath we take with wonder, awe, and amazement. We know that life is too short and our problems are too real to do any less. May we embrace this day for the gift that it is; an irreplaceable moment in time for living and loving our neighbors as ourselves and appreciating being alive.


Food for Thought-5 Ideas to Improve Your Prayer Life

5 Ideas to Improve Your Prayer Life

1. Cut your prayer time in half and focus more on God. Talk less about yourself, your needs, your issues, your concerns and focus solely on God’s goodness.
2. Prayer is about persistence. How persistent can you be about doing step number 1?
3. As our bodies tell us when we are hungry and thirsty; our souls tell us when we need to pray. There are times when God slows us down. There are moments in our lives when we feel a need to be as close to God as possible.
4. Prayer is not solely about listening or talking. It’s also about doing. Take some action on your prayers. Do something about your joys, concerns, and celebrations. Go see someone, visit someone, or call a friend. Turn your prayer into a three-dimensional living reality.
5. Tell people you are praying for them. If you’re praying for people, don’t hesitate to say it, “hey, I’m praying for you.”

Food for Thought-Richard’s Daily Prayer

A new day,
A new week,
Pick me up,
Begin again,
Start anew,
Say “Later sin”,
Today is about,
Walking out,
Beyond the crowd,
Gonna be,
Walking like Jesus,
Praying Like Peter,
Trusting like Thomas,
Moving like Matthew,
Jumping like John,
Smiling like Andrew,
Praying like Philip,
Knowing like Nathaniel,
Feeling free like Jude,
Zealous like Simon the Zealot,
Listening with James the Elder,
Running with James the Younger,
Cause that’s way,
This this day,
Comes together,
When we pray,

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-An Evening Prayer

Lord, it’s time we talk,
Today is over, the night is begun,
I’m listening for the word,
Lay it on me Lord,
I know it’s night,
As there’s little light,
I’m holding off sleep,
I want to know what you’ll say,
At the end of this long day,
I want to be prepared,
For what’s coming my way,
In the long hours that await,
And when dawn breaks,
I’m listening God,
I’m laying it down,
So the only sound,
Is me listening,
On the ground.

–Richard Bryant