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Knowledge Is Food For the Soul-Plato

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Food for Thought-Dying Was Possibly Part of the Deal — June 20, 2015

Food for Thought-Dying Was Possibly Part of the Deal


Dying was possibly,
Part of the deal,
When I signed up,
To follow Jesus,
Not for meetings,
To hear people squeal,
At mediocre praise choruses,
And marvel at sound bites poorly delivered,
but to die,
if need be,
part of following Jesus,
is being called to die,
that’s one the big reasons,
we knew it when,
we knew it then,
martyrdom was what he asked,
to bear a cross,
and die with him,
it’s become too easy,
to live this,
Americanized sin,
21st century Christianity,
Sanitized worship,
A deodorized Jesus,
No different from Santa Claus,
Where no one remembers,
Or gives a moments pause,
At what he said,
Or what he taught,
How he lived,
From the day he commenced,
Forgive and you will die,
The kingdom of heaven,
Making no earthly sense.

–Richard Bryant

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Food for Thought-The Discoloration of Endless Waves — June 15, 2015

Food for Thought-The Discoloration of Endless Waves


The partial reality,
of overwhelming desolation,
Inhibits my ability,
To recall the clamoring,
discoloration of endless waves,
Among the fragmented seams
Of black and white memories,
hanging on cracked walls,
displayed down hardened,
well-lit narrow halls,
and from those scenes,
accents clearly say,
“go forth and build,
the shaky sandcastle,
of the psyche
you call today”.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-A Mickey Gilley Haiku — June 14, 2015
Food for Thought-The Cool Rain Does Not Help Me Breathe —

Food for Thought-The Cool Rain Does Not Help Me Breathe


The winding rain comes to the door,
And says, “I know it is extremely hot,
On this blue sky of a June no cloud day,”
The rain goes here and there,
To my step and stoop,
Above the place where I sit and think,
Around the trees with their green leaves,
Green leaves, thirsty leaves,
The rain pretends to be cool,
Cooler than the air,
Air I cannot breathe,
As I am touched
It winds its way past me,
Down the street and grazing,
Things with paint peeling,
Which need not water,
Nor presence on high,
The cooler rain waits,
I watch it run, run,
And say bye, bye.

-Richard Bryant

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