Food for Thought-The Blind Forerunners of Dawn


Translucent sparrows,
Dart among the invisible leaves,
As the sunset races,
Tangerine skies cursed between,
The dying grasps of sapphire and wine,
We think we see,
Harbingers of night,
Beckoning the blind forerunners of dawn,
Flickering hope among rustling leaves,
Who sing simple harmonies,
Now only at first light,
We may see again,
And bid farewell,
to death’s fading cloak,
the diminishing gray of night.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-A Prayer for Memorial Day


Today is the day,
we remember those who died,
beyond the places only sacred stones recall,
we mourn their loss and sacrifice made,
those who passed in distant lands,
and those who bled,
on these very sands,
In Christ there is hope,
In hope we pray for tomorrow,
That the violence of yesterday,
May give way to peace today.

In Christ,

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-The Common Reserve of Ancient Stillness


The solace I seek today,
is hidden along the path I walk,
silent stones of disquiet,
placed in a garden of clamor,
I am frightened by the deafening roar,
the common reserve of ancient stillness,
obscured portraits of yesterday’s wounds,
will not cease their angry accolades.
I become deaf to this moment,
will I hear tomorrow?

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Nigel the Owl Landed On My Head


The owl landed on my head,
near quarter to three,
I didn’t know Nigel was living,
on the third branch from the right,
in my live oak tree.
I looked up and he stared back,
I asked what and he said, “who me?”
Yes, you, the owl, on my head,
What’s this about?
Is it something I said?
“The place was free,”
It’s my head, I scowled,
not a perch for a silly Owl,
Go back up Owl,
Please fly back now,
while I go home and find a towel,
Nigel sighed and hooted twice,
before finding a melon,
which looked equally nice.

–Richard Bryant