Food for Thought-A Lewis Carroll Inspired Collect for Holy Week


Almighty God, as we prepare to step through the looking glass of our lives into the topsy-turvy world of resurrection living; fashion our hearts and minds for the Mad Hatters of Maundy Thursday, the Damnable Dormice of Good Friday, and the blank stares of the March Hare on a bleak Saturday afternoon.

As we recall your tea party, a celebration of life and living of gifts and giving; may we say what we mean and do the things we remember not for a queen or king but you, our friend, in whom we believe. For much we have heard and some we have not seen and yet we still, even today, say we believe.


Food for Thought-Love at Last Sight

Love at last sight,
The bitter clamour grows,
In your absence,
The world slows,
Not sure how to take it,
Ambiguous tales passed to me,
Now to say in an inopportune way,
Towards you I can only see,
It will take only a glance,
To let me know,
I have a chance.
At stepping inside,
Your well-formed world.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-The Mix Tape


Something along those lines,
It looks akin to this,
The greatest hits you’ll ever find,
Edited together and seamless,
On the looping reels in your mind,
Playing back distorted sounds,
one cut, a space at a time,
listening for the break,
will the peace be put back
in a different order,
has time deteriorated,
the small spot,
on the tape,
among the words,
where the future,
I once spied,
Held a place,
On this tiny thing,
Called a mix tape.

–Richard Bryant

Food for Thought-Into That Great Good Night


Into that great good night,
Gentle he did not go,
Into our darkness he was thrown,
Downward he descends,
For the forgiveness of our sins,
So the creeds,
Tell us we
We must believe,
One of us
To absolve,
Adam and Eve,
Their faults,
Carried this far,
By handshakes,
And existential scars,
Can resurrection not be,
Enough to make me free,
No need to resuscitate,
Augustinian myths,
Striking the grieving with hate,
And suffering believers,
Who find a way to detach,
From a savior who flies up,
Then goes down,
Around the heavens,
Through hell,
And lives to tell,
How the curse is broken,
Only to have,
A single white sheet,
To tell
The greatest story
Every told.

-Richard Bryant