Food for Thought-Mr. Jung Goes Looking for Woodpecker in Prague (The Seventeenth Letter)


1 June 1957
Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
Prague Industrialization of the Masses Leading to Revolutionary Peace Workers’ Guest House

Dear Friend, Comrade, and Esteemed Follower of Birds,

The days have faded into a hazy oblivion. Prague is not Belgrade and I fear that Belgrade is not Prague. People seem different here. What is it about their socialism that seems so “Russian”? The streets, language, and food are not as they are in our beloved Belgrade. The manager at the hotel knew nothing of the insurance official or the mysterious number we were given. Could you believe his atrocious accent? He seemed to illiterate of Serbo-Croatian. Was he not warned of our impending arrival? What good does it do to pay a drunken gypsy in the Belgrade station to send a telegram?

Most assuredly, the beasts lurking between the buildings do not fully grasp the meaning or purpose of our quest. It was in a dream, only last night, as we pursued the disembodied pecks through an abandoned city center, I realized that we were climbing an ancient Babylonian Ziggurat. This holy mound, a shrine to the god Marduk, led to a darkness of unbearable lightness. Inside the temple, Marduk handed me a letter, from the angel Gabriel, which I unable to read. Were I able to read Marduk’s Babylonian message for Gabriel, I believe we would now know the whereabouts of the woodpecker.

As I cannot read Babylonian dream writing, I will wait here. The Czech Party has a fine reputation of offering night time adult education seminars in both dream interpretation and Babylonian cultural history. Perhaps we may find one near our hotel that offers better than adequate translation into Serbo-Croatian.

I suggest, tonight, we meet for soup and bread. Are you certain the goat we consumed was well done? I am not. I must post this before the bell strikes four.
With warmest regards,


*Marduk Babylonian Deity
*Ziggurat a type of Babylonian pyramid

Food for Thought-5 Good Ideas for July 7th, 2015

Take Wings 2

1. What are the dominant voices vying for attention on your journey?
2. Do these voices say healthy, hurtful, angry, or negative words?
3. Are you able to create a space for listening to others (you may not agree with) which doesn’t devalue their humanity?
4. When is it best to say, “thank you” and continue on your journey?
5. If you block out the anger or negativity around you, what is it that remains? What else are you listening to? Are you able to take a leap into silence, nature, or positive conversations?

Whatever challenges you’re facing today, know that you are loved.  #youareloved

Food for Thought-5 Things Churches Can Learn from Vinyl Records


1. Vinyl records sound better when they are played, not left on the shelf
2. Everything under the sun was recorded on vinyl, give it chance to be heard
3. The cracks, pops, and inevitable scratches are part of life and should be embraced
4. Young people, middle age people, and old people are all still “in” to vinyl it reaches across demographics
5. The amount of technology needed to play a record player is minimal, you can have church anywhere